Share Accounts

Our array of Share Accounts lets you determine your savings flexibility. Our Share Draft (Checking) is the most flexible. It gives you easy access to your money. While our Share Term Certificate and Share IRA Certificate are the least flexible.A higher rate of return can be earned on these accounts depending on the term chosen. However, penalties will be paid for early withdrawals. This will reduce the rate of return on the account. View our rates.

Available account types:

Share Draft (Checking)

When you open a Share Draft (Checking) account with us you receive your 1st box of duplicate checks and your 1st year of monthly service charges for FREE. After your 1st year, the monthly service charge is $4.00. However, you can waive this charge by maintaining a daily balance of $500.00 in your Share Draft account. A deposit is needed to open the account and order checks.

Our Visa Debit card can save you time from writing a check. It's also safer than cash. Apply for your new Visa Debit Card. Approval is required for a Visa Debit Card.

Are you 55 or older? If so, you are not charged for your Share Draft account. This means you pay nothing to order checks and you pay no monthly service fee.

Everyone's Share Draft account receives:

  • NO per item fee
  • NO limit on the number of checks written
  • Courtesy Pay optional service attached to every Checking account (restrictions do apply)
  • FREE access to Mountain Lakes Money Line — available per request
  • FREE Visa Debit/ATM card available per request and approval
  • Overdraft Protection through a Line-of-Credit or transfer from Savings- available per request and approval
  • FREE Online Banking Access — available per request

Share Savings

A Share Savings is Mountain Lakes Community Federal Credit Union's version of a bank's regular savings. It must be opened to become a member. You can easily join with a $5.00 deposit which will maintain your membership as long as your minimum balance does not fall below the $5.00. With a Share Savings, you will earn dividends each quarter based on your daily balance maintained. Maintenance and activity fees may reduce the earnings on this account.

Increase your Share Savings account by adding payroll deduction. It's the painless way to save. Plus, the more you save the more dividends you earn with our tiered rates.

Share Certificate

Want to invest on your own terms? A Share Certificate is a great option. A member can earn a higher dividend rate by investing in a Share Certificate (CD) in comparison to their Share Savings. It requires a $1,000.00 minimum deposit, and we offer various terms and rates for you to choose from. A penalty will be paid on early withdrawals.

Money Market Share

Do you need a strong investment with more versatility? Our Money Markethas no term with a higherrate. The Money Market pays a GREAT Dividend Rate/Annual Percentage Yield and it comes with the option of 6 withdrawals during a month. The APY on a Money Market Share Account is earned when it is opened with $2,500.00 and a daily balance of $2,500.00 is maintained. The earned dividend is credited to the account quarterly.

IRA Accumulation / Certificate IRA

In today's world, it's been left to the employee to develop and maintain their own retirement plan. Begin planning ahead for your retirement with an Individual Retirement Accumulation Account. You can start contributing with as little as $1.00. Once you have reached the minimum IRA amount of $1,000.00 you can roll it over into a Term Certificate IRA, or keep it in the Accumulation Account. Choose from a range of terms and rates to best suit your needs. Penalties will be paid for early withdrawals. Contribution criteria is regulated by the IRS. Ask your tax professional about the benefits of having a Certificate IRA Account.

Christmas and Vacation Club Accounts

Members can save specifically for Christmas or a Vacation with our club accounts. There's no minimum deposit and you can withdraw from either account whenever you want. Our club accounts earn dividends on daily balances, based on a tiered system, and are credited to the account quarterly. The more you save the more you earn!